Get at least 2 titles for a min of $1 in this indie games bundle for Steam Greenlight:

  • Star Traders 4X Empires (greenlight, desura, win)
  • Astraea (greenlight, desura, win, mac, linux)
  • The Adventures of Chris (greenlight, drm free, win, mac)
  • Luna Shattered Hearts – Episode 1 (greenlight, desura, win)
  • SinaRun 2 (greenlight, drm free, win, mac, linux)
  • Domestic Dog (greenlight, drm free, win)
  • Sometimes (greenlight, drm free, win)
  • Phoenix Force (greenlight, desura, win)


  • The Adventures of Chris Soundtrack
  • Crunch Time! (greenlight, desura, win, mac, linux)
  • Alter World (greenlight, win, mac, linux)

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